Memorial Symposia

MS 01:

Dr. Helmut Krawinkler Memorial Symposium on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering

MS 02:

Dr. Masao Satake Memorial Symposium on Granular Mechanics


MS 11:

Symposium on Molecular Scale Modeling and Experimentation

MS 12:

Modeling and Characterization of Nanocomposites and Molecular Heterostructures

MS 13:

Mechanics of Soft Materials and Structures


MS 21:

14th Symposium on Biological and Biologically Inspired Materials and Structures

MS 22:

Multiscale Mechanics of Bio-Inspired and Biological Materials

MS 23:

Mechanobiology of Soft and Hard Tissues

Applied Mechanics

MS 31:

Advances and Applications of Elasticity within Applied Mechanics

MS 32:

Stability of Plates and Shells

Computational Methods

MS 41:

Computational Methods and Applications for Solid and Structural Mechanics

MS 42:

Computational Geomechanics

MS 44:

Isogeometric Methods in Computational Mechanics

MS 45:

Optimization: New Methods and Applications of Sizing, Shape, Topology, and Parametric Optimization

MS 46:

Recent Developments in Computational Methods for Real-Time Computing for Hybrid Simulation

MS 47:

Recent Advances in Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

Damage/Fracture Mechanics

MS 51:

Multiscale Behavior of Damage and Failure Mechanics

MS 52:

Characterization and Modeling of Quasibrittle Fracture

MS 53:

Recent Advances in Fracture and Fatigue Mechanics, and their Application to Metallic Civil Structures

MS 54:

Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Fracture and Fragmentation Processes

Performanced-Based Engineering

MS 61:

James Lai Symposium on Pavement Mechanics and Materials

MS 62:

Computational Modeling in Civil Engineering

MS 63:

Numerical Description of the Effect of Cracking on the Performance of Structural Systems

MS 64:

Recent Advances in Rocking Isolation

MS 65:

Advances in Seismic Isolation

MS 66:

Robustness of Infrastructures

MS 67:

Optimization: Recent Applications of Structural Optimization

Concrete/Cementitious Materials

MS 71:

Cementitious Materials: Experiments and Modeling Across the Scales

MS 72:

Modeling Time-Dependent Behavior and Deterioration of Concrete

MS 73:

Formation, Ageing, and Failure of Cementitious Materials: Scale-Bridging Models and Insights from Glass Physics


MS 81:

Mechanics of Unsaturated Porous Media

MS 82:

Mechanics of Unsaturated Porous Materials: From Geo-materials and Building Materials, to Food and Beyond

MS 83:

Multiscale Digital Rock and Granular Physics

MS 84:

Multiphysics of Rainfall-Induced Landslides and Debris Flows

MS 85:

Advances in Computational Methods in Landslide Hazard Management

MS 86:

Computational Methods for Faults, Fault Leakage, and Seismic Hazards


MS 91:

Multiscale and Multiphysics Computational Tools for Sustainable Hydraulic Fracturing

MS 92:

Multiscale and Multiphysical Processes in Shales and Nanoporous Rocks

MS 93:

Computational Geomechanics for Subsurface Energy Extraction and Fluid Storage

MS 94:

CO2 Geo-sequestration

MS 95:

Modeling of Coupled Flow-Geomechanics-Geophysical Monitoring

MS 96:

Pore Morphology in Deforming Geomaterials: Observation, Characterization, and Modeling to Improve Performance of Critical Urban Systems

Sensing/Health Monitoring

MS A1:

Structural System Identification and Damage Detection

MS A4:

Benchmark Problem in Wireless Structural Control

MS A5:

Next-Generation Civil Infrastructure: Intelligence, Automation, and Data Analytics

MS A6:

Analytical and Experimental Investigations on Hazard Assessment and Mitigation of Critical Infrastructure

Stochastic Dynamics/Inverse Problems

MS B1:

Inverse Problems for Tomographic and Remote Imaging Applications in Engineering

MS B2:

Novel Stochastic Dynamics Methodologies and Signal Processing Techniques for Civil Engineering Applications


MS C1:

Mechanics of Sustainable Structural Materials


Advances in Quantitative Engineering Sustainability

MS C4:

Environmental Effects on the Mechanical Behavior of Materials (Couplings)

MS C5:

Fluid-Vegetation Interactions